Amber Vacation Club Benefits And Guidelines

Rental Guidelines

Using Your Deeded Week

Using Points For Your Vacation Time

Amber Vacation Club Benefits And Guidelines

Welcome to the Amber Vacation Club! We are pleased to have you as a new owner and look forward to assisting you in planning and scheduling what are sure to be some of the most exciting and pleasurable vacation getaways you have ever experienced.

One of the chief advantages of ownership is the flexibility to use or trade your home resort week for other destinations through automatic membership in the Amber Vacation Club (AVC). As is true with most club memberships there is a small annual membership fee per family which will be billed with your annual maintenance fee.

Available exclusively to the owners at Amber Vacation Club, AVC allows you the capability of converting your home resort week usage into AVC points—these points provide you the opportunity to exchange for a vacation stay at any participating AMBER VACATION RESORT. The resort location, length of stay, time of year and size of unit are all optional providing for one of the most flexible vacation ownership plans available anywhere. All arrangements may be made by calling the toll free number listed on your personal membership card, up to a year in advance of your home resort deeded week.

Your key Amber Vacation Club benefits and usage guidelines are listed below. All AVC members are subject to the rules and regulations of the Amber Vacation Club Program.

Each interval week in the Amber Vacation Club (AVC) is assigned Amber Vacation Points (AVP). The number of points assigned are determined by the type of unit, its location and the historical demand for the given interval week.

As an owner of a deeded interval week you have been advised of the AVP yearly point assignment of your week. AVP assignments will never be decreased. AVC does, however, reserve the right to increase point value assignments of any week, on an annual basis, to account for high demand periods.

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Rental Guidelines

Amber Vacation Club Membership entitles all owners to discounted rental rates. Owner rates, excluding holiday weeks and special events, are available year around at up to a 50% discount off each of Amber Vacation Resort's current published rental rates.


You are welcome to begin calling 90 days in advance. Your maintenance fee must be current to qualify for any rental privilege.


    To confirm a reservation, a deposit of the first night's stay is required.


    The unit must be occupied by the owner. I.D. is required at check-in.


    Only one unit per night may be rented at "owner" rates.

  4. DAMAGE:

    Owner is responsible for any damages to the unit. No pets allowed.


    Cancellations received 14 days or more in advance: full deposit refund. Less than 14 days in advance: no refund.


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Using Your Deeded Week
  1. To use your deeded week, you should contact an AVC counselor between 365 and 180 days prior to your vacation start date. (This may be extended up to 730 days (2 years) for the purposes of advanced RCI trades).
  2. Please be aware that notifying AVC of how you intend to use your week is very important. If notification has not been received at least 180 days in advance, your deeded week will automatically be deposited in your AVP account for purposes of AVC trading. Once your deeded week has been deposited you must make reservations through AVC for vacation usage.
  3. In addition to using your deeded week you have the option to either place your unit on the rental program, allow a guest to use the week or deposit with an exchange company. If you want to take advantage of one of these options, we do ask that you notify AVC as soon as possible and let us know how you plan to use your week. If you wish to use your resort rental program to rent your week, you must request, fill out and return a rental agreement form to your home resort.
  4. To assist you with your vacation planning you will receive a letter from AVC 30 days prior to the automatic points deposit date, which is six months before your vacation start date. At this time, you must notify an AVC counselor to fix your week, if your plans are to:
    1. use your deeded week at your home resort
    2. exchange your deeded week through RCI
    3. rent your deeded week at your home resort
    4. allow a guest to use your deeded week at your home resort
    The following AVC affiliated resorts will require a refundable credit card deposit at check in: Tree Tops, Oakmont, Sunrise Ridge, Alhambra at Poinciana, and Casa Del Mar; please refer to your confirmation letter for deposit amount.

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Using Points For Your Vacation Time
  1. To utilize your vacation time with the additional flexibility made possible through your AVC membership, contact your AVC counselor to deposit your AVP assignment. AVP assignments may be deposited anytime from 365 to 180 days prior to your vacation start date. Deposited AVP assignments are valid for use from the time of deposit until 365 days after your deeded week start date.
  2. Once you have deposited your week, you may make a request for vacation time anytime within 180 days of the time requested. You may request any type of unit, during any interval week, at any resort in the system, as long as you have the appropriate number of points according to the AVC Points Charts located in this reference guide. The only exception to this guideline is times designated as holidays and special event weeks which may only be used by families owning holiday weeks. However, this rule is waved within 30 days of holiday and special event time.
  3. Available reservation requests will be confirmed during your call and followed up by mail. The appropriate number of points will be deducted from your deposit. If a request is not available, an AVC counselor will recommend alternative dates.
  4. As an owner your annual maintenance fee entitles you to your first visit without a housekeeping fee. When utilizing more than one visit in a given year, an additional housekeeping fee will be charged for each additional stay, payable at check in.
  5. Please carefully consider your vacation plans prior to confirming them with your Vacation Counselor. Once reservations have been made, cancellations will be subject to a $20 AVC administration fee and your points will be credited back to your owner's account according to the following schedule:

    180 - 91 Days - No Penalty*
    90 - 61 Days - 10% Penalty*
    60 - 31 Days - 20% Penalty*

    30 Days or less - No Cancellations
    *$20 fee to re-establish points
  6. You may choose to allow guests of yours to use either vacation time that has been fixed or time reserved through points. A $20 guest pass fee will be applied. You may also exchange confirmed weeks via points through RCI. You must, however, bank a full week with RCI in order to participate in exchanges.
  7. All vacation time will be assigned by AVC on a space available basis. If your exact requests are not available, your AVC counselor will suggest alternative options.
  8. AVC cannot be responsible for unused and/or expiring AVC point allotments.

REMINDER: All maintenance fees, taxes and club dues must be current and paid prior to making any reservation. Maintenance fees must be paid in advance when requesting point usage in advance of the current year. When depositing your deeded week or a confirmed week through AVC with an exchange company, the maintenance fee for the year you are requesting to be deposited, must be paid.

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