Amber Management Group

Commitment: [kuh-mit-muhnt] – noun – pledge, promise, guarantee, responsibility, undertaking.

Regardless of the area of responsibility – planning the vacation experience, quality assurance, management accountability, or guest services – Amber Vacation Club (AVC) is committed to exceeding expectations.

With a combined experience quotient of over 100 years in delivering hospitality services to hotel and timeshare clients, the owners of AVC are involved, dedicated, and determined to deliver. And this commitment is reflected in the entire team of hospitality associates at all AVC affiliated resorts.

Whether you are a vacation guest searching for your dream vacation, a resort manager attempting to expand vacation locations and options for your guests, an owner of a hotel or an owners’ association seeking qualified management, Amber could be your answer.

We are committed to you.

The Amber Vacation Club was established in 1994 and presently has 5 resorts managed or affiliated. Thousands of members enjoy access to almost 4000 quality resorts worldwide.