The AMBER Vacation Club (AVC) is comprised of and available exclusively to owners within AMBER Vacation Resorts and its affiliate resorts. Currently, these resorts are:

Sunrise Ridge Resort, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Casa del Mar Beach Resort, Ormond Beach, Florida

Alhambra Villas, Kissimmee, Florida

Tree Tops Resort, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Oakmont Resort, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

AVC allows the owner the capability of changing his home resort week into AVC points

These points provide the owner the opportunity to exchange for a vacation stay at any of the AMBER Vacation Resorts. The resort, length of stay, time of year and size of unit are all optional, providing for one of the most flexible vacation ownership plans available anywhere. One phone call to our Club Counselor (888) 578-6747 and all arrangements are made.

Planning Your Dream Vacation
The key to your deeded ownership with Amber Vacation Club is flexibility. As an AVC member, you decide when and where to vacation. Your choice of luxury accomodations and resort location is limitless. Spend one night at your home resort; three days at the beach or Orlando; or exchange your week through RCI for a week in Hawaii! Your choice of arrangements can be completed by calling the Amber Vacation Club Counselor.

Planning and Scheduling Your Vacation Points

The following example of ownership usage is for illustration purposes only. The "Johnson" family of two adults and two children own a one bedroom unit during week 32 at Sunrise Ridge. The following examples illustrate the vacation options open to their family. All three options begin with one toll-free call to the Amber Vacation Club (AVC) Reservation Center with the option you've selected.

If AVC is not notified of any other intent 180 days prior, your deeded week automatically converts to points. Let's look at their and your vacation options!

Option 1) Using Their Home Resort
The Johnsons decide to use their ownership during the week they own in the unit they purchased. Simply tell the AVC Counselor with a call, 365 to 180 days prior to your vacation start date.

Option 2) Exchanging Their Ownership Thru RCI
The Johnsons decide to vacation in Hawaii. First, they call the AVC Counselor with their intent to exchange through RCI. Second, they call RCI and find their exchange is easy as 1, 2, 3 !

1. Deposit their ownership at Sunrise Ridge into the RCI SPACEBANK Pool.

2. Request their exchange in Hawaii.

3. After receiving their confirmations, subject to availability, they pack their bags
and enjoy their exchange vacation.

Option 3) Converting Their Ownership To Points
The Johnsons decide to take advantage of the AVC Point System and take multiple vacations. They call AVC Reservations and convert their ownership of week 32 into the prescribed point value of 702 points.

Vacation 1 - Summer Vacation - Take the family to Disney World
Alhambra Villas, 1 Bedroom - 4 days / 3 nights, Sunday - Tuesday, June - Week 24
78 points per night = 234 points

Vacation 2 - Summer Vacation Continued - Beach Vacation
Short drive to Casa Del Mar, 1 Bedroom Ocean Front - 3 days / 2 nights, Wednesday - Thursday, June - Week 24
112 points per night = 224 points

Vacation 3 - Winterfest / Valentines - Enjoy Winterfest lights and sights
Sunrise Ridge, 1 Bedroom 5 days / 4 nights, Sunday - Wednesday, February - Week 7
45 points per night = 180 points

Points Used 638

By taking advantage of the AVC Points System, the Johnsons stretched their week of ownership into 12 days and 9 nights of vacation, plus they carried over 64 points. The carry over points must be used by the start date of their owned week 32 the following year.

Remember that if you desire additional nights beyond your points usage, you can stay at any AVC resort on your "Owner Day" rates. See the Rental Rate Cards in the Owner Reference Guide for more information.

Annual maintenance fees include one housekeeping cleanup each year. Each additional vacation taken on a given year's AVC point allotment, regardless of length of stay, requires an additional housekeeping clean-up charge.

Your AVC membership allows you to plan your dream vacations to exotic locations well in advance of planned departure or schedule spur-of-the-moment escapes to relax and unwind with just one call to your AVC Counselor.

So where will YOUR DREAM VACATION be? Wherever it might be, your AVC Counselor can help you make it a reality!